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Become Certified

You can assure clientele of professional competence. If you deal with human sexuality in a clinical setting, you should be certified by The American Board of Sexology.

Through certification by The American Board of Sexology, practitioners establish their competence and achievements in sexology in association with a dynamic organization setting standards for clinical sexologists, sex therapists, counselors and researchers as well as educators. Consumers recognize Board certification as assurance that professionals meet established standards in education and experience in the field.

Thru its attention to quality assurance for the consumer and services to Diplomates, the Board has grown steadily over the past 15 years. In a recent renewal period, the board experienced the highest percentage of renewals of any similar period in our history. The Board has grown, and Diplomates have continued to maintain their certifications over renewal periods. You will be with a solid, growing organization.

The American Board of Sexology holds in great esteem those who have gained the highest degrees in subjects dealing with sexology, and experience gained in clinical, head to head interactions with clientele in real life situations. M.D.’s, Ph.D.’s, D.S.W.’s, Psy.D.’s and others currently working in clinical setting dealing with human sexuality are invited to apply for certification by The American Board of Sexology. Click here for the certification requirements.

To become certified:

Complete the online application form and enclose payment of $200 for the first three years of recordation of your certification. Or, download the Adobe pdf file “Application,” complete the form and enclose your check for the required amount. If for some reason your listed information does not meet the certification requirements, your payment will be refunderd less a $50 administrative charge. Non-US applicants, enclose an additional $50 to cover additional administrative costs.


Renewal Fee

Certification Renewal (3 Years) $200.00

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Five criteria need to be met in choosing a sex therapist. First of all, the therapist must have a sound knowledge of the anatomical and physiological bases of the sexual response. The sex therapist may, therefore, have a basic medical background or may come out of another non-medical profession but with post-graduate education in the biological aspects of human sexuality. A qualified non-medical sex therapist will usually work closely with physicians or may function as a non-physician in a medical clinic or university school of medicine.