Robert Koch-Institut Archiv fur Sexualwissenchaf
Hannoversche Str. 27
D-10115 Berlin Germany
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ABS Certified Sex Researcher
ACS (Board)

Liverpooler Str. 12
D-13349 Berlin Germany
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Ludvig-Maximillians University, Munich

ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist
Teaching of courses of educational work regarding HIV and STDs for student fraternities in Germany.

President of DGSS
(German Society for Social Scientific Sexuality Research)
Gerresheimer Str. 20
D-40211 Dusseldorf Germany
+49 0 81-4694-6745

ABS Certified Educational Sexologist
AACS Graduate Clinical Sexology Faculty:
Clinical Associate Professor
Honorary Senior Visiting Research Fellow
Department of Applied Psychosocial Sciences
City Community and Health Sciences
City University London