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Marietta GA 30007-2347
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Medical College of South Carolina
770 516-1949
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ABS Certified Sex Therapist
Licensed MD in GA and SC
Special interests: female sexual dysfunction, lack of arousal or desire, orgasmic problems, painful intercourse, pelvic pain, menopause.
Male sexual dysfunctions: premature/rapid ejaculation, erectile difficulties, lack of desire.
Couples communication; adults molested when children, same-sex relationship issues, compulsive sexual behavior.
Philosophy: Educational, behavioral and reality-based therapies are employed. Medical concerns are addressed with the appropriate diagnostic examinations, tests and referrals.
Area served: Metro Atlanta area. Located in the NW section between I-75 and I-575 (Exit 8, Towne Lake Parkway)
Payment: cash, or check. Insurance not accepted but will furnish insurance receipt to file for possible reimbursement.
Hours by appointment only. Weekend appointments and intensive therapy programs available.